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Meet Epicenter

AV control made simple

Spend your time on your establishment, not your AV system

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Your remote control on steroids

Our remote app gives you a birds-eye view of your establishment

Now it's easier than ever to put the game on

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Schedule shows to play automatically

Engage your customers with our Twitter wall

Or, let them choose what to watch with Fan Select

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Remote Control

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    Show selection at your fingertips

  2. »

    Control from anywhere - works on computers, tablets, and phones

  3. »

    Browse local programs quickly by category, or search for a show

  4. »

    Tweak volume levels or put on some music

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    Like what's on that other TV? It's as easy as dragging and dropping

Ad Deploy

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    Show your own advertisements instead of commercials

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    Accepts images, videos - pretty much anything

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    Schedule when to show ads, and for how long


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    Plan ahead and ensure TV's are always showing something interesting

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    Make sure major television events are uninterruptible with our priority scheduling

Fan Select

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    Let your customers choose what to watch with their mobile phones

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    Enable/disable at any time

Why choose Epicenter AV?

  1. 1

    Works with any virtully existing AV system, no matter what setup or brand of equipment

  2. 2

    Engage your customers. Fan Select is the ultimate customer experience App. They chose your establishment; why not let them choose the channel?

  3. 3

    Security and Control – Keep employees out of back rooms and equipment storage.

  4. 4

    Save your employees time and frustration – Epicenter makes it easy for your employees to make your customers happy while saving them time.

  5. 5

    Downtime Safe - In the event something did go wrong with your Epicenter installation, we’ve built our system to revert to your existing control setup as a backup. We don’t plan on this happening, but aren’t you feeling good knowing we thought of that just in case?


Everything we do is about making AV simple to control and helping you get more out of your system for management, employees, and customers. Our platform installs into virtually any environment with ease, and runs on any device you choose. We built Epicenter to be device-independent so you can use it through a web browser, iPad/Andriod/Blackberry tablet, or smart phone.


Just like the product you’re serving up, the customer experience needs to be consistent. We give you that power. The trick is allowing management to set a baseline for the environment, while giving employees the flexibility to adapt to a customer’s needs. This is what Epicenter AV delivers.

Schedule the right type of programming to provide a consistent brand image, yet allow the flexibility for customers to engage in the experience via Fan Select channel voting, Trivia Games, Twitter Wall, Polling, and more. We also power very simple iPad/tablet controls to help your employees harness the system with ease.


Epicenter AV’s platform allows the use of software and applications to simplify how you interact with your AV system, and enables your TV's to present more than just TV.

By choosing Epicenter, you will always have the core functionality of our system at your fingertips. You will also have access to a growing number of applications à la carte.

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